Our expertise | Manufacturing


At a time of mass customization, constant renewal in product offers, Digital Manufacturing, sometimes even Additive Manufacturing, and with endless pressure on margins coming from globalization, industrial processes are more than ever at the center of the solution leading to the creation of a competitive advantage for the company.

Miles away from applying “copy/paste” solutions already implemented on a given sector or country, Metis Consulting helps you define and/or implement a personalized industrial business model based on your actual needs, taking into accounts your company’s specifics (customers and markets, products and processes, human and financial means, company’s culture and maturity level …).

With 25 years of practice and more than 500 clients in almost all types of industries, Metis consultants are in a position to assist you reach your objectives through the creation and implementation of custom-made, relevant solutions:

  • Define tomorrow’s industrial model
  • Benchmark your production sites
  • Reorganize your sites and production capabilities
  • Reassess the organization of your operations and optimize support departments
  • Implement Autonomous Production Units
  • Bring flexibility to the production (agility, late product differentiation, just in time, modulation, …)
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Make sourcing more reliable and reduce raw material inventories
  • Optimize production planning and scheduling
  • Increase production capacities with no additional investments
  • Optimize/streamline factory’s operations (organization, flows, layout, footage, equipment, resources, work positions, …)
  • Streamline flows and reduce lead times and WIP
  • Improve productivity in your production
  • Increase direct deliveries from plants
  • Reduce equipment downtime and optimize maintenance policies
  • Implement the highly performing industrial information systems you need
  • Optimize management rules and set-ups (processes MTS/MTO/ATO, minimum economic lot size, …)

As part of a collaborative approach for change management, we can offer several methodologies based on your needs and wishes: do it, get it done, teach how to do it.

Our expertise

  • Industrial strategy and organization
  • Review and assessment of your industrial organization
  • Site master planning
  • Plant performance improvement program
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Processes and production management rules, planning, scheduling and procurement
  • Flow optimization and inventory reduction
  • Review and optimization of your maintenance procedures
  • Industrial information systems (CAM, MES, MS/MPS, CMMS, LIMS, Scheduling)

Examples of tasks

Production planning (agricultural and food industry)


Move from a production planning done at each plant level to a centralized and collaborative planning for 8 factories in Europe.


A 3-level involvement :

  • Process : define a custom made target process in line with best practices, the relevant organization and RACI, the required information system and functional requirements, the monitoring process and KPIs
  • Tool : prepare a specification, conduct the RFI and RFQ to 10 major APS software providers, assist in the assessment and alignment of the proposals as well as in the price negotiation and contract preparation
  • Implementation : conduct project implementation (project management, risk management, …) as well as the change management (change impacts, new operating procedures, training support, …)


  • Design and implementation of a planning process and an APS application software within 12 months
  • A unique and shared vision on production capacity vs. workload, both consolidated and detailed (product families, sites, …) on a midterm horizon (6 months)
  • A better smoothing of the production workload and improved anticipation of inter sites transfers

Operational performance (agricultural and food industry)


Improve the operational efficiency of an agricultural group built upon the successive acquisition of mid-size companies, with one headquarter and 10 production and distribution sites.


  • Performance review and assessment (processes, organization, skills, monitoring procedures, information systems, KPI and operating costs)
  • Reorganization of the Direction of Operations (organizational chart, duties, job descriptions, …)
  • Implementation and drive of a continuous improvement program for production (TPM, TRS/TRG, 5S, SMED, waste, …)
  • Redesign of the OTC process (Order To Cash)
  • Pooling and reorganization of support functions (customer service, procurement, planning, labs, quality, maintenance, transportation management, account payables and receivables)


  • 5% decrease in operational costs (not including purchasing)
  • Implementation of a corporate organization with aligned processes and shared resources
  • Improvement of customer service levels (Time to Market, OTIF, 50% less claims)

Supplier Relationship Management (Consumer goods)


Secure the supply of raw materials and components allowing on-time manufacturing, in an environment of strong growth in volumes, high turnover in product range (6 collections per year) with multiple parties involved (20 production sites and 100 suppliers).


  • Definition of short and midterm target collaborative procurement processes
  • Detailed specification of the IS solution (business needs, flow, business and IS rules, reporting,…) and information system architecture mapping
  • Project management on all project implementation phases (ERP, APS, BI…)
  • Procurement department training and support during the implementation of new processes and new IS tools
  • Specification and project management for the implementation of a supplier portal dedicated to managing supplier lead times and midterm capacities


  • A shared and common vision of supplier workload and capacity constraints over a 6-month and a 24-months horizon, allowing for better anticipation in sourcing or better planning for additional investments on the supplier side
  • • A solid reduction in the number of delays and shortages for raw material and components, resulting in an improved respect of the collection calendar