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Our human resources’ policy is built around 4 dimensions: skills, teamwork, rigor and enthusiasm!  Our consulting activity relies on our ability to provide expertise, intelligence and drive to help our clients make the right decision and manage their transformation. So it is critical for us to build and develop the right competencies for our consultants: expertise in supply chain, consulting competencies and personal qualities (behavior and communication). The manageable size of our assignments (involving 2 to 5 consultants) provides each with the opportunity to be in constant contact with a Project Manager or Expert. They are given the chance to learn more, faster and better. At Metis Consulting, training sessions are scheduled on a very regular basis (around 10 days per year). These trainings are of different types:
  • Internal training, during which a confirmed consultant/manager shares his/her knowledge with less senior consultants
  • External training with specialized trainers, on wider topics such as oral communication and public speaking
  • Meetings dedicated to sharing experiences, with a dual purpose : share with other consultants on a specific project and train junior consultants to be more on focus and learn how to conduct a presentation
Teamwork and cooperation among consultants, whether they are junior or more senior, is highly encouraged. It is in the DNA of the firm. For instance, there are no individual objectives that, in a lot of cases, turn out as being a barrier to the transfer of skills among consultants or to helping each other. Eventually, it goes against our clients’ best interest. Being demanding with ourselves, the same way as our clients are for Metis, requires us to constantly be at the level of best practices and, in most cases, go even further by offering ground breaking solutions This translate into limitless rigor placed in the analyses that are conducted and in the shaping of the recommendations that are provided. It involves continuous efforts in the search and identification of the best solutions for our clients, the ones that will make a difference over time. Being demanding also means being clear when presenting top quality reports. At Metis, rigor is a state-of-mind that provides you with the opportunity to go the ”extra-inch”, making the difference between a good project and a successful one. We also want to make sure that all conditions are met so that our consultants display enthusiasm when performing their job. Not only because the times we live in are driven by exciting changes and opportunities, but also because learning is a driving force of one’s personal development that the job of consultant allows to fulfill. Positive energy is also a non-negligible added value that consultants at Metis Consulting should bring to the very complex project we deal with.

Year's Highlights

Consultants also have a chance to gather throughout the year and connect with each other during some exciting times:


  • A monthly gathering, sharing drinks and gourmet food around a specific theme; a friendly time during which we share news about the firm and more
  • The holiday dinner when spouses and partners are invited
  • An annual 2-day seminar organized by the newly hired consultants, taking place in an unusual location, when time is shared between entertainments, a review of the past year’s business and work achievements. It is a very friendly event that every consultant is looking forward to


These events also provide good opportunities to mix in with new consultants.


I discovered Metis Consulting during my year as an intern at one of Metis’ client. I was one of their contacts in the S&OP Project. I liked the way their work was conducted, the level of expertise they brought in. It gave me the will to join them at the end of my internship!

Metis Consulting gave me the opportunity to deal with a large variety of supply chain topics and I quickly improved my expertise and proficiency.

I immediately enjoyed the challenging work we do as consultant: drive our clients when dealing with strategic and operational problems, define and implement innovative, durable and effective solutions. This is an intellectual challenge that I find fascinating and fulfilling.

Working on these different types of exciting missions, I quickly found my place among this very human, yet very professional team.

Héline: 26 years old, consultant, 3 years of experience

At the end of my curricula at Arts & Métiers ParisTech – with 2 internships as an operational, I chose to join Metis Consulting in 2012. I was convinced by the human size of the firm, the way hiring interviews were conducted and the type of projects that are covered.

Ever since, through a dozen of projects, I dealt with various strategic and operational problems involving a wide range of companies with drastically different businesses: retail, garment industry, food and beverage industry …

Working on several projects simultaneously with an extensive range of actions required allows each consultant to quickly develop his/her knowledge on corporate culture and his/her supply chain expertise. Another asset is the open communication that exists among Metis team, from juniors to directors: they do not hesitate to share their know-how and methodologies.

To develop our skills, a half-a-day training is conducted each month. Topics can be drown from specific supply chain subjects, from relevant business cases or new methodologies/tools that we may eventually need. These trainings are concluded around a friendly drink where the firm’s news are shared.

If you want to feel good at Metis, I believe it is necessary to be rigorous, pro-active, inquisitive, humble and more than everything, be a team player.

Pierre-Yves : 26 years old, consultant, 2 years of experience

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